Wow! What a Ride!

In just 10 amazing days in Chile, We’ve gone for dusting the powder snow of the Andes from our ski boots to wiping the dust of the Atacama desert from our walking shoes! Following a thorough check by Chilean customs that we weren’t smuggling oranges we zipped up to Santiago by bus. For a capital city I thought it was great, we had 3 full days exploring some fab little museums, going up the local “miradors” to get the best views, and buying freshly squeezed juice from street sellers with a shopping trolley full of oranges (locally sourced presumably). Then after a marathon 23 hours on the bus we arrived at the little miracle that is San Pedro de Atacama. It can be summed up by the fact that on arrival, after 6 weeks on the road I had the most delicious meal of our trip so far in a fantastic café called the Barros situated in the middle of the driest place on earth. Since then we have spent the week floating in salt lagoons, horse riding to ancient monuments, and exploring the salt flats and geysers at over 4000m above sea level.


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