Peruvian Times(Picture: Andean Condor above Colca Canyon)

After 2 really exciting months skiing and exploring the Atacama desert, we have slowed things down a bit. It was a tough couple of days getting across the border to Peru, a lot of travelling in increasingly less pleasant buses, but we managed it. Stopped in the city of Arequipa for a few days to rest up, and go to see the Andean Condors (worlds largest flying bird) soaring above one of the worlds largest canyons: the Colca Canyon, deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US. We are now in Cusco for a few weeks catching up on some schoolwork and planning the next phase. However our afternoons are spent helping out at a social project called Aldea Yanapay for Peruvian kids, who would otherwise be on the streets and have nowhere to do homework, and play!


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