The Awesome Foursome and Lost City of the Incas

Having heard that Macha Pichu ( the Lost City of the Incas) may not be far away from our present base of Cusco, our intrepid explorers couldn’t resist going in search of it. The first challenge was a 6 hour endurance drive up through the twisty-turney Travel Sickness pass.

We then vanquished the perils of the Botulism Café that sits by the side of the railway sidings. The next challenge was the hike up the railway track to Aguas Caliantes, which was neither the 6km advertised in the brochure or the 12km that everyone said it would be. However 10km on an active railway on a hot day was still an incredible effort.

Our allies back in Cusco had told us that to find the city we had to make contact with a man in the plaza at Aguas Caliantes, who would reveal the secrets of the bus tickets that takes you to the legendary city. Although we got there in time to meet our contact and obtain his secrets, he turned out to be a double agent, who sent us in completely the wrong direction to find somewhere to sleep for the night.

We rose early next morning (5am) in order to foil our enemies who were clearly trying to thwart our plans to reach the lost city

It was a cloudy morning on top of the mountain, but by 7am we were there. We had found the lost city! We spent the morning marvelling at it all, but by 11am had to make a fast getaway in order to ensure we could get back to the rendezvous with our transport. We had a last minute encounter with the Hot Dogs from Hell in the Compulsory Rip Off Café, before launching ourselves back down the railway line again. Dodging trains we did the 10km in an astonishing 2 hours.

Our enemies made a last attempt to avoid us bringing news of our adventure home by filling the inside of our minibus with sleepy-gas, but their evil plot back fired as it meant that Travel Sickness pass had no effect on us. We got back to Cusco about 9pm and were so tired we tumbled into bed with no tea.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode…! The Awesome Foursome Go Mad in the Amazon Rainforest.


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