The Awesome Foursome Go Mad in the Amazon Rainforest!

Not content with discovering the Lost City of the Incas. The following week the team took on the Amazon Rainforest. The Manu reserve in Peru has around 2000 visitors every year. (Macha Pichu gets that many every day!). In order to achieve this the team endured another marathon minibus journey. Mostly along narrow cliff edge tracks to get down the to the first stop. A boat journey down the rapids and back. Mosquitos, Cold showers, and no electrics. However it has to be said although basic,  the accommodation was actually pretty good. Beds were comfy, food was also amazing considering the conditions. I’ve never been served a 3 course meal in the back of a boat before. Over the course of 2 days we came down from Cusco (3,500m above sea level) to just about 500 metres above sea level. Temperatures rocketed and the biting insects came out with a vengeance.

However of course what we went for was the wildlife. Butterflies like you wouldn’t believe, birds of all shapes, sizes and colours. Spend one morning checking out the Howler monkeys that came into the camp. And of course no jungle trek would be complete without a desperate race to get away from millions of army ants, or without seeing a poison dart frog and our new favourite animal, the bullet ant! These one inch long monster ants have the most painful sting in the whole of South America. Apparently it hurts as much as getting shot – hence the name, and can induce a 24 hour fever. And having seen the enormous stinger that sticks out of one of these things, I am inclined to believe it.

So was it all worth it…?

Of course it was. It was an Amazoning place.



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