Pica-Pica Peril!(Playa Colorado at sunset)

Having had a lovely time on Ometepe Island for Christmas we headed off to the Pacific Coast again. Here we had lots of fun in the big Pacific waves, and being woken in the morning by the Howler Monkeys. However despite it being beautiful in the end we were glad to leave. It all started just after we arrived. Everyone was a bit itchy. We thought it was the soap in the room, so we changed that and all seemed OK. Then some more guests arrived who asked if we had been itchy or bitten by something, and everyone thought now you come to mention it! Then the weather changed and it got a bit windy and the itching got worse. We asked some of the local staff who said “Pica-Pica”! A quick visit to Google had the mystery solved. Google describes Pica-Pica as like airborne stinging nettles. Actually its not quite that bad but is very similar to getting fibre glass loft insulation on your skin. The offending item, the velvet bean, gives off its seed pods in the dry season, which get everywhere. Stick to your skin and clothes and basically make you itch like crazy. Ants in your pants, doesn’t even come close. We had lots of showers cleaned the room, shut the windows and managed until we left for Granada, which is where  we are now. No, beautiful beach and monkeys, but at least no Pica-pica either!


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