You Better Belize it!

Arrived safely here in Belize. However, when we got from the airport to our accommodation near San Ignacio for the next 3 weeks, we found that all was not as described on AirBnB. The main issue was nowhere to cook. Meeting our budget pretty much means self-catering most of the way and while we can offset this for short periods, or in places where we can get lots of cheap entertainment (i.e. the beach). This wasn’t going to happen in Belize where life is relatively expensive and we have lots of Mayan ruins to go and visit. Anyway, all is now well. Our host was really understanding and helped find us an apartment in the village of Succotz, which his neighbour owns, and is normally a long term let, but was currently empty. However, the other problem, which was lack of WiFi, is not resolved, and so this blogpost will get posted at an internet café, as will all our other comms for a while. The upshot is that if you don’t hear from us for a couple of weeks, that will be the reason.


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