Buenos Aires

We really liked the part when we went to the nature reserve in Buenos Aires and all the parks we went in.  We would recommend staying in a hostel because you meet new friends! We also really liked going to the bar at the top of the hostel we stayed in. We would say that the hot chocolate there is 8 out of 10 because it is quite sweet and……..   eeeeeeerrrrrmmmm…………..




We would say that to travel by bus is the best way to get from Buenos Aires to Bariloche because as you get closer you see a BEAUTIFUL sight.



As entertainment you can do Skiing in their winter because if it isn’t their winter there is no snow! We wouldn’t recommend living (staying) at the bottom of the mountain (in Catedral) because:

  1. It is quite cold And
  2. It is very busy

We would recommend going to the dino fossil museum (Museo del Lago Gutierrez) because it has a lot of interesting things including gold and precious rocks! And it has 3 special treats:

  1. A rock ($30)
  2. A rock made into a mini dino ($100)
  3. A necklace with a rock or a shell as the charm ($300)!

You have to take a number 50 bus to get there though.

Bariloche is famous for chocolate. We liked the chocolates but didn’t really like the hot chocolate because it was really thick and dark chocolate. Our rating is 4 out of 10 for the hot chocolate… but the cubanitos, rama chocolate and caramel bears are 10 out of 10!

Out of 100% we would say Argentina is 99% because we think it is really nice and lovely people with nice entertainment. Thumbs up for Argentina9c4eMLoMi[1]