Belize has the mayan culture and we went to some pyramids which were quite steep and hard to climb up. Once you got to the top you could see an amazing view but you had to be careful because there was no rope at the top to make sure you did’nt fall off! One of them you could go by horse back which we did and it was fun, that was called Xunantunich. But our favourite was Laminai because we saw a baby crocodile and gave a spider monkey a banana. We went to belize zoo and saw a jaguar called junior buddy. There you could also see a crocodile and a tucan. San Pedro is an island out at sea but it is beautiful. People drive round in golf carts! We stayed in a place called Pedro’s inn and that had a swimming pool and the other part had a slide but it was to big and scary so we decided not to go down. The other place also had a water trampoline which is a trampoline that floats on the water. There was this place where on Tuesdays they do hermit crab races where hermit crabs race! It was funny and cool. Out of 100 Belize is 99 because it is a bit hot but awsome!