It was a bit too hot but apart from that, it was lovely. Probably the best town is Siem Reap – I would recommend it. Siem Reap has loads of temples, the biggest single one is called Angkor Wat. The traditional people are very kind and they speak good English. There is this man called Mr Ra and he is a tuk tuk driver and he took us to all of the temples including Angkor Wat. We also went to Ta Promh (also known as the temple of the trees). Siem Reap also has lots of other entertainment like: The Lost Room, Artbox and Rehash Trash. The hotel we would recommend is Tankang Angkor Hotel.

Go to Battambang’s Phare circus and watch a show. Battambang was very busy but very good. In Battambang we also had a cooking class so we learned how to cook traditional foods. In the market (shopping for ingredients) there was like live fish and live snakes and live frogs which was horrid! On the roof of our hotel there was a jacuzzi, our hotel was called the Royal Hotel (but it wasn’t that royal!). It has an exercise park and a normal park by the river, with The Kitchen the other side of the road which we really liked.

The roads here are really hard to cross because you have to walk out and the traffic will go around you, but they are not as bad as Vietnam!

Phnom Penh is fun. There’s lots of entertainment like: S-21, the killing fields & more. We had a great day out at an animal sanctuary (Phnom Tamao) with Sam. We had an amazing day and fed bananas to an elephant. It sucked them off our palm. It was very slimy! Our hotel was called the Relax Hotel.

We would recommend Cambodia: 99% out of 100%.