It was really hot and busy here. Our favourite bit of Santiago was going to the museums. We liked going to the Science museum and messing with all the stuff; turning on the sun was my favourite bit! There were a lot of little parks and some big ones. There was even a bike swing and I did it! It was so cool! We didn’t have any hot chocolate here but we did have some home-made ice creams covered in chocolate; I would say that was 8 out of 10. We went up to the top of a really tall hill by train and saw a statue of Jesus and we bought some reminders, then we had to walk all the way back down the hill. It was fun being at the top of the hill because you can see all the city.

We took the bus again to San Pedro.

San Pedro de Atacama

It had excellent parks that we played in; it was really really fun. In San Pedro, you can go on lots of trips but they all went into the Atacama desert. We did the Lagoon, horse riding, thermal pool and Valley of the Moon where we ran down an enormous sand dune. The lagoon was definitely not our favourite because we got freezing cold! E’s favourite bit was the horse riding because we did it in the desert and we galloped too! And afterwards, we rode the horse without the saddle on back to its stable. We licked some salt in the desert – it was like an ice cube of salt built into the walls of a house – it tasted sooooooo salty! We saw a desert fox – he came really really close – we weren’t scared because it was just so cute! We also saw some alpacas, vicunas and llamas – they weren’t as cute as the desert fox! Vicunas have very soft fur; the difference between a llama and an alpaca is that the llama has a longer neck and an uglier looking face than the alpaca! We saw flamingos as well but they a long way away. 

We went to a café and the hot chocolate was 20 out of 10 because it was so delicious and had cream, biscuits, chocolate chips and marshmallows in! There were 3 pets at the hostel: 2 cats which we called Scruffy and Softie and a dog called Peppa but we called Danny. We would recommend going there because there are loads of parks and fun things to do but the wifi isn’t that good!

In all of Chile, we did like the food because it is quite plain – there are lots of burgers and hot dogs!

Out of 100% we would say that Chile is 90% because it is too hot for us but there was loads of fun things to do!