Florida is amazing! Florida is fun!

First of all, we went to Disney, and in Disney, we would recommend all the parks! There are so many rides – it is completely epic! But our favourite rides were Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom & Test Track in Epcot. Test Track is this thing where you design your own car, then you go through various tests and see how your car performs. Expedition Everest is the fastest, largest rollercoaster ever! (Warning: a made up child fact!) It’s a high speed rollercoaster where a yeti is chasing you through Everest. You get to go literally inside a model of Everest! You go backwards and see yetis and go really really fast downhill. We also liked all the shows and parades they put on and meeting the characters. If you like, you can get an autograph book and get signatures from the characters. Mickey Mouse is literally everywhere! Our favourite characters to meet were Ariel, Chewbacca, Tinkerbell and Baymax. Pluto was also really cute and fun! There are also various searches you can do in the different parks. For example, in Magic Kingdom, you can be a Sorcerer’s Apprentice and try to stop Hades, using your magic cards. When we found out about it, we’d heard that Hades was the hardest villain to defeat, but actually, he was the easiest!  We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and we would recommend it! It was absolutely awesome! There were swimming pools, the rooms were big with a TV and comfy beds, every day there were things which you can do and earn beads for your “string of memories” (like learning about animals and conservation) and there were animals all around including giraffes and snakes!

From Disney, we went to explore more of Florida and we went to swim with manatees. It was amazing! We only saw a couple, including one which was asleep but it was still awesome! PS the water was quite cold – you might have to jump out!

Kennedy Space Centre: this was epic! We were amazed that it was the place where we sent the first man to the moon from. As part of your trip, you get to meet a real live astronaut who tells you his story. Also, there is this thing called Destination Mars. You put on these goggles and get to see real pictures that were taken by the rover on Mars. Its like you’re actually standing on Mars and can explore and learn information about what you’re looking at! Epic! There’s also a cinema where you can watch videos about space.

Uuuuuuuunnnnnniversalllllllllll: We loved Universal too! It was epic! But its maybe not so good for little kids… there are many scary rides, like King Kong. We loved Minion Mayhem and Spiderman, and Dr Doom’s Fearfall, and the Transformer ride, and the wet rides – but we got soooooo soaked! The Harry Potter rides are also really cool – well, the ones we were allowed on! – we loved them! – and in Diagon Alley there is a fire-breathing dragon on top of Gringotts Bank. We went in Ollivanders, the wand shop. You can meet the wandkeeper and buy a wand and do real magic around the Harry Potter Lands. You can see Hogwarts which is awesome! And travel on the Hogwarts Express between the two Lands. Platform 9 ¾ is amazing! You actually disappear! In Superhero Land, you can meet some Marvel Superheroes like Spiderman and Wolverine, and also the baddies. I met Dr Doom & we heard that Green Goblin was around but we never found him!

If you hadn’t guessed, we thought that Florida was excellent, brilliant…. all the happy, excited words you can think of! There were only 2 little problems: 1) Florida is full of alligators. We didn’t meet any in the wild but there are loads of them! and 2) I got quite a lot of bad bites so beware of being nibbled!  And maybe a third problem: we wanted to stay there forever!!!

Out of 100%, Florida is 200%!!!!!!