This is probably the main question I have been asked when telling people we are going away for a year…”what about school?”

As a parent, you have the right to choose how your child is educated: whether via the school system, or at home. There is loads of information on the web about homeschooling, or ‘education otherwise’, as well as many support groups – see links below. Parents who are homeschooling don’t have to follow a set curriculum – they just need to provide an education to their child. The council may make informal visits to assess the education being provided, just as schools are inspected.

Our Local Education Authority has information on its website about all this, as well as a welcome pack for homeschoolers. They were incredibly positive about what we were doing and assured us that the travelling was adequate education for the year. However, as the children are happy at school, and we intend to return them to school education at the end of this, we were keen that the children didn’t fall too far behind. We approached the Headmaster of our local primary school to tell him of our plans, and wish to thank him and all the staff for their good wishes, help and support, sharing resources and year group targets with us, to enable us to support the children.

I have to say that so far, (we are 1 month in at the time of writing!), it has been incredibly easy! The children have read several 300-page books each, they are keeping a diary and are in the middle of writing a story to keep up with their handwriting, we have downloaded some apps (Andrew Brodie’s Lets do Mental Maths, Battle times, Telling Time made simple…) so they do mental maths on bus journeys, and convert currencies on a daily basis, and we talk about all sorts of subjects – from Buddhism to nutrition to ecology while on ski lifts or out walking. Maybe they wont go back to school after all!!!!!!!!

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