So what has been the impact so far?

Two things before we even set off:

1)De-cluttering – my attitude to all the stuff we had around the house suddenly moved from “It will come in handy one day. Ebay and car boots are loads of hassle and you never get as much money as you would like for it.” to “In a few months I am going to be paying someone else to store this crap!” The subsequent effort (and to be fair it was an effort) raised over £1000 for the trip and got rid of loads of stuff we just never use. Sure some of it, e.g. old kids clothes and toys was emotionally hard, but most of it I won’t miss, and it has really changed my attitude to acquisition of material items. On my return I hope I can keep this up and only buy really quality items that I actually really want or could use! Time will tell.

2)Dieting – This one might seem a bit crazy, and in fact I didn’t go on a diet, but (in order to save money) I did stop taking my wallet (and hence all spare cash to work). I thought it wouldn’t make a difference as I surely don’t spend that much every week in the crisp/chocolate machines and the Costa Coffee franchise? So I allowed myself £5/week and the as a result saved loads of cash, and lost a shedload of weight. This is for me is fascinating as an attempt to do one thing led to very positive side effects in another area completely. It is one of things that could apply to business change as well as personal ones. The key is figuring out what small thing you can change that will reap this big rewards in areas you might not expect.