I said I’d have a go at this at some point so here goes. For me, and I am only speaking for myself here. It struck me not so long ago that when it came to life’s big decisions I had been pretty risk averse. Maybe nothing so unusual in that. Maybe a lot of people try to make those big decisions sensibly and rationally, but I felt I had never had to put everything on the line to either achieve something or for the people that I love, and I figured that a life where that never happened wouldn’t be much to look back on. Given that a lot of other things came together at the right time I decided it was about time I took the big leap of faith.

I reckon (and now I have the experience I can say this with real conviction) that one doesn’t do anything like that without a big dose of inspiration. So where did that come from. Firstly, from my wife whose big dream this really was, and who I wanted to put everything on the line for. However, there were a couple of other places I found some. One was Martin Clark’s comments on his website, when his family took the plunge as well. Absolutely brilliant! Whenever I had a wobble during the planning phase, or felt not sure. I would go back and re-read this. I advise you to have a look if you are planning anything that is a big deal and might involve some level of risk. His attitude is awesome!

The other source of inspiration was a bit more obscure. A few years ago, the last time I spoke to my Dad before he died, he reminded me of a story about his Father. My Grandad became a radio operator when he was just 16 and it sounds like he had many adventures, but one of which concerned a time where he was working on a ship that was bound for Northern Russia. In those days when a ship docked and wasn’t returning imminently the crew were given an allowance and told to find their own way home. All well and good you might say, but this was 1917! Somehow Grandad and his mate found their way home across revolutionary Russia and past the Western Front. I’ve never been clear what route they took, and maybe one day I’ll find out. This year it will be 100 years since Grandad made that epic voyage, and I figured if my 17-year-old Grandad could make that trip in the age of the steamship and the telegram, then it would be a pretty poor show if I couldn’t get my family safely round the world with the help of the jet engine and the internet. Thanks Grandad!