We only went to Luang Prabang but we really loved it here! There was loads of entertainment!

We really loved Kuang Si waterfall because there were lots of different pools and one of them had a big jump off a log into the water.

We had 2 days with elephants which were both amazing. We loved riding them (bareback) and bathing them and feeding them! It was so much fun! The elephants were so peaceful and beautiful and it made us sad that there are so few left in the wild (<1000 ☹).

We really enjoyed our day at Ock Pop Tok, tie dying our own scarf and T shirt. We made our own dyes out of plants – we chose purple and blue – and then designed our own pattern.

We had a brilliant day at the Bamboo Experience. The day was awesome! We learned about all the things the different tribes make out of bamboo: musical instruments, toys, bags, guns, fish traps, cooking things… and we got to try some of them out. A traditional tribesman played a traditional instrument for us, while doing a traditional dance. He was very good! We pounded rice and cooked with bamboo! In the end it was quite yummy! Our favourite parts were crossbow shooting and bamboo dancing and weaving mats from bamboo.

We made a friend and discovered La Pistoche! We rode there by bicycle, zooming along the quiet streets! La Pistoche is a water park with 4 different areas. We really liked it here!

We went to Big Brother Mouse a few times, and Big Sister Mouse too in the countryside, and made friends. Its to help local children learn English because their teachers aren’t very good and don’t talk to them so they don’t know how to pronounce words. We talked in English and read books and played games. We think everyone should visit at least once if they visit Luang Prabang.

Our hotel was called Khoum Xien Thong Guesthouse and it was really nice. The breakfast was delicious, the staff were really nice and I really liked the garden they had!

Overall, we would really recommend going to Luang Prabang and would score it 99% out of 100%!