We travelled around a lot because it’s a small country, and we liked this because you get to see more places but we still don’t like travelling much! The chicken buses were usually very crowded! We went to: Las Penitas & Leon, El Lagartillo, Esteli, Laguna de Apoyo, Ometepe, Rivas, Playa Colorado & Granada. They were all really brilliant and we couldn’t decide on our favourite.

There are quite a lot of beautiful beaches which are great to play on and the seas are quite warm so you don’t have to worry about bringing a wet suit. There are loads of wildlife to see too – like howler monkeys – we were lucky to see them in the wild. The people are very friendly and always say “Hi!” – actually, they say “Adios!” which means “Bye!”. There are 13 volcanoes in Nicaragua. We climbed to the crater of 2 of them (Telica & Masaya) and saw real lava! It was the most amazing thing we have seen – ever! The famous food of Nicaragua is rice and beans. We were really excited by it to start with but by the end (of 9 weeks!) we were a bit sick of it! Daddy needs lessons from Lisbet as he didn’t make it very well!

Las Penitas: OMG! We got to hold baby turtles! It was AMAZING! They were so small and cute – and wriggly, so you had to move your hands to catch them, which is really tricky! Others sit quietly so you can stroke them. After we held them, we were able to put them into the sea. It was so epic!

El Lagartillo: Lisbet’s cooking was epic! We loved it! She made real fruit juice which had bits in to start with but when she found out we didn’t like bits, she sorted it out. You could make friends with everyone. The people were really nice and it felt a lot like home.

Esteli: We went on a tour to the Somoto Canyon. It’s a canyon with a river flowing through the bottom of it. You put on life jackets and relax and glide down with a guide. There was also a bit of easy rock climbing, and some places where you could jump off the rocks into the river, though you could choose if you wanted to do this or not, and how high you want to jump: 1m – 5m! At the end, we got on a boat and then a horse to take us back to the start. That was a really really fun trip and we would really recommend it – even if we did get a little cold by the end!

Laguna de Apoyo is a volcanic lake that you get to swim in and you can kayak and there’s also a platform in the middle to jump off or relax in the sun. It was like paradise!

Ometepe: We walked to a really pretty waterfall (San Ramon). It’s a pretty tiring walk as its 3km up a volcano to get there. There is a small pool at the bottom of the waterfall to cool you off once you get to the top but we didn’t swim in the pool because it was too cold. We also went on a kayak trip (up the River Istin). If you’re lucky, you get to see real caimans. We were really lucky because we got to see 2!

Granada: In Granada, we stayed at Gerry’s (Casa del Agua) and we loved the pool, pancakes and popcorn! There are lots of nice places to go out to eat … and we went on an epic trip where you go out on a boat which has a slide on the back! It is sooo fun going on the slide. You can also jump straight off the back of the boat. Its 6m high! If you’re too scared to do that one, you can do a 1m jump too! They’re both pretty amazing.

We got attacked by pica pica which was sooo itchy and annoying but other than that we would really recommend Nicaragua because it was really fun, it was about the right temperature, the food was pretty good and we discovered a new drink (Fresca (fizzy grapefruit)) which we loved, the people were nice, there are parks to go to and all the stuff we got to do there was awesome. We give Nicaragua 110/100!