Hanoi: It was very busy and really hard to cross the roads because the traffic didn’t stop and there were loads of scooters and not many traffic lights and the cars kept going even if the light was on red and it was complete chaos! Our hotel was called the Travellers House and it was in the middle of the Old Quarter. You should go to Hoa Lo Prison & the Women’s museum – they were very interesting. We loved the water puppet show – it was so funny! For example, there was a bit where they were fishing and the man accidentally caught a woman instead of a fish!!! The food was a little unusual for us but it was OK. We wouldn’t really recommend Hanoi to children, apart from the water puppet show, because it was busy and there wasn’t a lot that we enjoyed doing.

Halong Bay: We loved our trip to Halong Bay and would really recommend this trip because it was really fun. We went on a great boat and did night fishing and went on a trip to an island and played on a beach and also a trip to a cave. It was also really relaxing.

Hoi An: This was our favourite place in Vietnam. Our hotel (Hoa My II) had a pool which we loved playing in. We also went to a tailor and had some clothes made – which we love! The old town was very pretty and we went to a cultural show and watched dancing – & won a lantern at bingo! We also saw beautiful water lilies floating on the river.

We took the train from Danang to Hue. We thought it was really fun because we had a bunk bed in our cabin (1st class) and could sit on the top bunk & play games!!!

Hue: We went to the Grand Palace in the day and night. We preferred visiting at night. At night time there were lots of shows and games to play. I won loads! We loved the fire show that they did. Our hotel was called the Jade Hotel: it was lovely and the staff were really nice. There is a café on the main street where you can sit in a teacup, and Spiderman is hanging from the roof!

We would recommend Halong Bay, Hue & Hoi An but not Hanoi. Overall, we found Vietnam to be hot, busy in the cities but beautiful countryside. The shopping is really good and you can get lots of beautiful dresses. But there are NO parks ☹ We would score it 80/100 because the people were really nice and there are a few nice things to do.