We would recommend Brisbane because it is really fun and has lots of entertainment like: loan pine, loads of parks, malls, ………..

We stayed with our fathers cousin and she took us to lots of places like the ones above. We had lots of fun especially at lone pine because you could pay 2 dollars for a bog of kangaroo food and you could also cuddle a koala! There was a shop as well where I got a kangaroo boxing pen! In Nelson bay you could swim with dolphins so we did but we didn’t find the right ones but at least we got a go in the net! Maybe you will be lucky enough to actually swim with them (if you decide to go to Nelson Bay). Sydney was cool, we got to see the Sydney opera house, the ugly coat hanger & botanical gardens. Taronga zoo was awsoeme with all the animals and suff. We got to feed a giraffe and I got some pretty kangaroo earrings. The free history tour was really fun.

We would really recommend Brisbane & Sydney.

We would rate Australia 1000% out of  100% ( same as New Zealand).