New Zealand

New Zealand is the best place yet! Rotorua was where we learned about the Maouris because we went to a Maouri village! We went to a place  There was a park where we played agents! Next we went to a place called rainbow springs which had small animals. There was a help x in Taupo and Wallingford, in Wallingford the best part was Quad biking, riding on the horses that they had, the boat that wasn’t in water and looking after the rabbit called boots. And in Taupo the best part was looking after the chickens and Febbie and Jeff gave us a fake gun. Wellington was cool because went to te papa which is a pretty cool museum with the bug lab! We met our friends there at te papa! After that we went to on a 4 hour ferry ride. picton. Picton was okay but mostly bad because of the hostel. We went to 2 epic parks! The toilets talked to you and sung a song to you so we danced in the extra time! We also got a rental car. We did wine testing which was for mummy & daddy. Hamner Springs. Hamner srings was awesome because that was when we got the campervan and in the campsite we made friends whith Ella and Cooper which we played with at the epic park! There was also a water park with slides and the Super bowl we had to pay 10 dollars extra but we still did it! In the campervan we went to lots of places and all except one had a park! Omaru had a gigantic, epic, awesome, amazing and cool park with a massive slide and a fast big zip wire and a hamster wheel. We also saw blue penguins. They were super cute! And there waddle was adorable! We could have watched them for years! One of us had an super cool birthday here he is now. I think my birthday was best out of all of us  because I probably got the most things! We went to queens land and made some more friends! We also went to Christchurch where one of us favourite park is here! The person who had the birthday is the same one with this as the favourite park. Here he is now! My favourite park had 1 swirly slide 2 that went through a hole and 1 wide one that was not in a hole.

We would rate new Zealand 1000% out of 100%